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Biomechanical Throwing Assessment


Recent studies have shown a staggering increase in shoulder and elbow injuries in youth age baseball players. Through research we know that 50 percent of pitching velocity is directly related to proper throwing biomechanics therefore illustrating the necessary importance of teaching proper throwing biomechanics as early as possible. At Atlantic Physical Therapy we specialize in high-speed video biomechanical analysis which is used to identify any pitching biomechanical faults which would predispose a pitcher to injury. Once the faults are identified we use a “team” approach meaning the player, parent, and pitching coach in order to correct the problem. It is very necessary to do this because recent studies have hypothesized that some of the potentially best baseball players are never making it to the major leagues because they are getting hurt at an early age.

Video Method

We film from 3 different angles/views, and it is necessary to film with the pitchers shirt off to avoid interference from bulky clothing. We use a commercial level Sony Digital Camera with a 3 CCD chip and a shutter speed of 1/10,000 which allows for incredible clarity which is truly state-of-the-art. We then transfer the video to the Powerful Trainer DV Advanced Software that was developed by Sports Motion which together allows us to analyze at 60 frames per second. These two pieces of equipment allow for NO MISSED FRAMES AND NO BLURRINESS! We are also able to transfer the video to a CD or VCR tape for you to take with you.


Videos are done on an appointment basis by calling 466-4401. Video biomechanical throwing analysis is only performed at the WEST office. The Fees are as follows $75 for the first video, and $50 for a follow up video (which is often beneficial for comparison purposes). This fee includes video capture at the field, individual review of the video (45 minutes) with the player, parent, and pitching coach (when possible), and a copy of the biomechanical analysis on CD or Video.