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Functional Capacity Evaluations

Isernhagen Work Systems Function Capacity Evaluations

Workwell's Isernhagen Work Systems (IWS) functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a physical test that measures an injured worker's abilities. By measuring these activities we can then match the worker's ability to specific tasks of a certain job. The IWS has produced unrivaled outcomes for 15 years combining the highest level of safety with objective findings and, when necessary, significantly aids in developing an effective return-to-work program.

Isernhagen FCE vs. Other FCE

The Isernhagen FCE is the only FCE with proven outcome studies published in peer reviewed journals. The IWS compares workers ability with required job demands while focusing on abilities rather than limitations, and also tests for maximum strength without fear of injury over a comprehensive 2 day evaluation (3 hours day 1 and 2 hours day 2). The final outcome of the IWS is a clear summary report understood by all parties.Other FCE systems are subjective and pain based relying on standardized formulas and is not based on individual abilities. These other types of evaluations are performed in one-day and are unable to accurately determine the worker's ability to work over time which produces cumbersome reports which make it difficult to make effective return to work decisions.

6 Month Outcome Study Results

60% of workers returned to work without further treatment or intervention. These cases are considered to be chronic as the average time off work at the time of the FCE was 10 months. Studies indicate very low return to work rates for workers who are off work six months or more; therefore, these results are very positive.

Other Information

FCE'S are only performed at the East office and are done by Brian Hoke, DPT, SCS. For more information, please visit the Workwell website.