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Sportsmetrics Program

History of Knee Injuries

Research has shown female athletes are at a much higher risk for an ACL injury versus their male counterparts. Most of these injuries are non-contact, and the mechanism leading to injury is cutting, jumping, or pivoting which is a volatile part of many sports including soccer, basketball, and volleyball. In fact 1 OUT OF EVERY 100 high school female athletes will suffer a SERIOUS knee injury this year. Over a decade ago the Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation recognized the need for testing and prevention programs to address the problem of higher risks for female athletes. They started a program to recognize the problems and to train female athletes in ways which will make them less likely to injure themselves. They named the program Sportsmetrics. Atlantic Physical Therapy is a certified clinical testing and training center for the Sportsmetrics injury prevention program.

What is Sportsmetrics

Sportsmetrics is a plyometric jump-training program, specifically designed for the female athlete. The focus of the program is the development of overall leg strength as well as improving balance of strength in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Female athletes in the Sportsmetrics program are able to learn proper techniques for jumping and landing; increasing overall leg strength and symmetry. This is accomplished through a specialized progression of jump/plyometric drills and other activities.

Why Sportsmetrics Is Unique and What It Can Do For You

Sportsmetrics is not just another plyometric training program, the selection and progression of jumps and drills were carefully researched and specifically designed to address the specific problems faced by the knee of the female athlete. Strength and flexibility components of the program have also been carefully reviewed for safety and effectiveness allowing for each training session to build off of the previous session. This building effect allows for a progression of technique development to performance enhancement. What Sportsmetrics can do for you is simple! The program can screen for an athletes increased risk for a knee injury with the goal being to evaluate the athlete before the competitive season and provide a training program that can be tailored to correct deficiencies so injury risks can be decreased.