Biomechanical Lower Extremity Assessment for Overuse Injuries

Fast Facts
In a recent study, lower extremity injuries represented 70% of the overuse syndromes reported in high school and college athletes.
- AJSM, 2015

Did you know that flat feet can make your knees hurt? Were you aware that having a shorter leg on one side can lead to pain in your low back or hip? Your lower extremities are more than just a set of bones and joints, ligaments and muscles. These structures form a unique and complex system that allows you to perform practically any functional movement you can imagine. Each joint in this system is reliant on proper functioning of the joints above and below, and we call this the “lower extremity kinetic chain.” Unfortunately, this system can also break down when joints do not work together as well as they should, leading to overuse syndromes like tendonitis and joint pain. This can also be confusing because sometimes pain felt in one body part is actually due to compensation for trouble in another area.

ITB Test Biomechanical Lower Extremity Assessment for Overuse InjuriesBiomechanics is the science that looks at all the movements and forces that act on your body to find lasting solutions. The Atlantic Physical Therapy Lower Extremity Biomechanical Assessment is a very thorough evaluation from your back to your foot to identify factors that are related to your symptoms. We will watch you walk and do some simple tasks. If needed, we may opt to use technology to get a more in-depth look at how you walk or run using walking and running video analysis. From this information, we can design custom programs to eliminate as many factors as possible. We will look at your footwear and may suggest a custom insole for you. We may suggest flexibility exercises to stretch muscles or joints that have gotten too tight. Finally, we may work with you to build up weak muscles that are keeping you from getting better.

So, when you have that nagging injury that comes out of nowhere and doesn’t want to go away, make an appointment to see us at Atlantic Physical Therapy for a Biomechanical Lower Extremity Assessment. We will gather the “pieces of the puzzle,” put those pieces together to give you a clearer picture of what is wrong, and work with you to correct the true causes of your trouble.