High Speed Video and Analysis of Throwing Mechanics

Fast Facts
The shoulder moves at 7800°/second during the pitching motion – one of the fastest recorded movements in sports!

Recent studies have shown a staggering increase in shoulder and elbow injuries in young baseball players. Research shows that 50 percent of pitching velocity is directly related to proper throwing biomechanics, illustrating the importance of teaching proper throwing biomechanics as early as possible. At Atlantic Physical Therapy we specialize in high-speed video biomechanical analysis of the baseball pitcher, which is used to identify any pitching biomechanical errors that may predispose a pitcher to injury or decrease sports performance.

The pitching motion is made up of six phases. During each phase there are key moments that have been identified. Several biomechanical studies have established normative values for successful pitchers at these key moments and errors that commonly lead to injury. throwing video analysisDuring a high-speed video analysis session three different angles are captured. This allows our expertly trained Physical Therapists to analyze the data at each one of the key moments.

After we break down the motion analysis, areas of concern are communicated to the player, parents, and ideally the player’s coach. A team approach allows for the best opportunity to resolve biomechanical issues and ultimately improve performance and velocity. A full overhead athlete biomechanical exam is also recommended to identify any other factors (other than throwing mechanics) that may contribute to poor sports performance or increased risk for injury.