PT Treatment for Elbow Injuries

Adam Working with Arm Atlantic PT

The elbow joint is instrumental is many day-to-day activities such as eating, combing hair, opening doors, and driving. Without the ability to bend and straighten the elbow or rotate the hand many tasks become impossible or require modification. The elbow has an intimate connection to the wrist and hand. Many of the muscles that allow for opening and closing of the hand originates at the elbow. The elbow also plays a vital role in most sports. In overhead athletes it helps transfer high amounts of energy to a ball or through a racket. In other sports it aids in the ability to push and pull objects or stabilize the arm during weight bearing.

The elbow is subjected to repetitive stress from movements that we frequently encounter at home, work, or during sports participation. Overuse injuries at the elbow can easily occur while performing tasks that seem simple or routine. In many of these cases the injury doesn’t result in immediate pain but often over time or following an activity. We frequently see people develop elbow pain after long days of yard work or household chores. We also see elbow injuries in sports with high stress and frequent elbow movements such as throwing a baseball, serving a tennis ball, spiking a volleyball, swinging a golf club or taking the full weight of the body during gymnastic movements. Occasionally the elbow is injured with direct impact injuries such as falls. The force on the elbow may be enough to cause broken bones or torn ligaments, and in the most severe cases these require surgery to repair the damage.

Overuse injuries at the elbow can easily occur while performing tasks that seem simple or routine.

At Atlantic Physical Therapy we are expertly trained in both non-surgical and surgical rehabilitation of the elbow, specializing in the overhead athlete. We commonly treat elbow tendonitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), Little Leaguer’s elbow, hyperextension injuries, arthritis, osteochondral defects (OCD), and ligament sprains/tears (ulnar collateral ligament sprains and Tommy John surgery). Research has shown that these conditions often respond well to quality physical therapy, eliminating the need for surgery. We work closely with local physicians and surgeons to provide the best care possible. Whether you are experiencing elbow symptoms from sport, work or normal daily activities, we will guide you on the road back to your desired activity through a treatment program custom designed for you.