Physical Therapy Options for Hip Injuries

Fast Facts
Hip joint problems such as arthritis, labral tears, and FAI commonly refer pain to the groin. Many people mistakenly think they have simply experienced a “groin pull.”

The hip joint is the second largest weight bearing joint in our bodies (second only to the knee). It is designed to have a tremendous amount of movement, allowing us to do all the unique things that our daily lives demand. It is also a very stable joint, with great ligament and muscular support, having no fewer than 17 muscle attachments. Problems arising from the joints or surrounding soft tissues can understandably have a major impact on our pain levels and daily activities. We treat common hip injuries such as muscle strains, labral tears, osteoarthritis and bursitis, working to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase strength and flexibility.

Hip Exercise

With the development of improved surgical techniques, there has been a significant increase in treatment of hip joint problems such as labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). At the same time, rehabilitation programs have become more specialized to address these problems. We have worked closely with local surgeons as well as many specialists from New York, Washington, DC, and North Carolina to ensure we progress your recovery safely and effectively with a goal of returning you to optimum function.

Over the course of our life, our hip joint gradually shows wear and tear. The smooth layer that covers the bone and lines our joint gets thinner. When the problem becomes severe, there is often a loss of hip mobility and increasing pain. Luckily, there have been tremendous advances in technology and surgical methods to replace the hip. This is covered in greater detail in the Joint Replacement section